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Twilight spread over the sky, chirpings of birds who were making their way back to their woven nests, everything loosing its pace due to the falling dawn. My heart, still as the lake in front of me which was yelling out loud the songs of blossom. Appreciating the beauty which nature posses. I was in the heavens haven, where the life cherished without any arguments, without any failure. I was lost, lost in the land where there was no point of return, losing my consciousness I was lying on the soft green bed. Everything was soon as blurry as the reflection on water, I was going to escape. Escape from all the worldly ties, rituals, formalities, duties, most of all this body which carried me so long. It all started fading. “Everything which has a life has an end.” But this is not the way it should have ended in my case. I am not rich nor I am poor, I stand somewhere in between. Happy with all I had, nothing to worry about, I was living my life to its fullest. A family, so caring that you…