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In my head

This is something going on my mind every time. So thought of creating a Photoshop manipulation. I call it," In my head" Something which I was able to make in a couple of hours.

Photography Essentials

Too much with all the amateur editing, now its time for something Conceptual ! "PHOTOGRAPHY" the word itself is a hidden treasure of talent but to reveal its secret you have to have the knowledge of its "ESSENTIALS" which will earn you resp
ect in this field.
I tried composing all the Photography essentials in one picture i.e posture, equipment, right attitude, confidence, hold over the camera, lenses, lights, angles etc etc. I'm able to create this artwork only because of my contact with the people who actually know what photography is, can't mention each ones name, but feel free to speak if i'v done any mistake or missed something.
this is my point of view and I call it- " Photography Essentials "
It took me a couple of hours to find images extract them and compose them in one :)