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Sky had already turned orange when I stepped out from my place to cover the short distance till my college, my friend called me an hour before and asked to meet him there. Usually I prefer walking in the evenings rather than making use of the automobiles, neither I was running late, still I decided to catch a bus.  No sooner I reached the bus stop the bus arrived, I walked in. As regular evenings the buses were crowded a little bit. It didn’t bother me to complete my journey standing as it was a five minutes drive from the local bus stop to the one near my college. Someone was standing behind me, someone I know but was unable to recognize as she was facing the opposite. “Where have I seen her? Do I know her?”  sets of questions started running into my mind, before I got any answers I got another question, “ticket?” asked the conductor, “Ek Ruia !” I uttered still in a confused state of mind. He handed me the ticket and I gave him six rupees in return. No sooner the stop arrived I moved…