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The Wanting

He wanted her back, in his life.
To make him smile.
To make him cherish, love.
To fade his worries. His silence. With a blissful laughter from her heart.
All he wanted was to talk.
One last time.
All he wanted.
All he prayed for.
Was her.
To make him live his life.
By her side.

- Rohit Nikam.

I wish my poetry could.

I wish my poetry could flow in the stream of rhythms.
Locked in the haven of words.
Sprinkling showers of emotions.
Escaping into the sea of dust.

- Rohit Nikam.

Infinite deaths

And he just sat there quite.
Lost in his own thoughts.
Listening to her giggly talks.
Tucking her hair behind her ear.
Those silky untied hair.
She turned.
Looked at him.
Watching her blushing smile.
He died.
Again for the Hundredth of time.

- Rohit Nikam.


To me you're some kind of magic.
Appearing from thin air.
Blessed by Amor.
Piercing my being with a arrow, borrowed from cupid.
Bewitching m.
Running through my blood.
Pumping my ticker.
Glaring at the fantasy accompanying my thoughts.
Because, you're some kind of magic.
I believe.
Making me escape into serenity.

- Rohit Nikam


Standing far form my sight.
You seemed to be a burning soul.
Dark and free from the treacherous world.
As you came closer,
your affection melted me, from the core of my breath.
Swirling me into a composer of,
untidy poetry.

- Rohit Nikam


Like the blues of the ocean,
you wave high into my bosom.
So salty.
So besprent.
So vast.
I, sailing on a boat.
Moving with the currents you carry.
Making me lye down there,
Gazing at the night so starry.

-Rohit Nikam.


Falling for that smile.
regaining my senses,
just with a glimpse of your eyes.
Drowning in them.
Yet, floating.
On the shores of dreams.

-Rohit Nikam


He found her beautiful.
Not when he noticed her at her,
at her first glance. With a sight so gaunt.
It was the innocence in her eyes.
The absurd smile.
The flaws she carried. So confidently. So easily.
The way she talked.
The way she went on and on.
So his swelling heart was lost.

- Rohit Nikam.