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It had been 15 minutes I was refreshing the tab of my mobile phone browser, waiting for a reply from Paridhi. The message was not yet seen by her. I thought that she must be asleep as it were minutes passed midnight. So I kept my mobile phone aside and struggled to sleep. I was changing my sides again and again but no signs of drowsiness, maybe a long nap in the evening stood the reason. Again I logged in to facebook on the mobile browser to check the news feed; there was an unread message in my inbox, to my surprise Paridhi had replied. “Hey I’m fine. What about you?” “Same here!” I tried to act formal, as showing excitement in the beginning itself would create a mess. “What you doing?” I asked. “I was studying. Got too much of its dose, so logged in.”            “Studying! So late?” “Yea, it’s our boards going on.” She replied. “Oh HSC. So how were exams so far?” I questioned. “Going great till now. Didn’t expect them to be that easy.” “Ah you seem to be a scholar!” I tried to tease her. “No…