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The Connection

The Second WaveMy heart was pounding hard while the 'Online' status of Paridhi changed to 'typing...'. It wasn't changing, I thought she was writing a long essay, 'a long critical appreciation essay'. Two minutes... Three minutes... Five minutes... Wait. Something's not quiet right. I tried going back to my conversation window, nothing. The screen stood frozen. It was then that I realized my phone was hanged to death. Software issues! Removing the battery pack, I hurriedly pushed it back into the battery compartment. No sooner I pressed and kept holding the power button, the screen came back to life, illuminating my face in the dimly lit room. Then came all the unwanted graphics provided by the manufacturer. A failed attempt to give a warm welcome to the users. A few more minutes to connect the internet and my mobile phone beeped, sending vibrations through my palms. "1 new message from Paridhi." Inhaling a huge amount of midnight oxygen I com…