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The Connection

AfternoonA lazy summer afternoon, the sun burning bright over our heads, tanning our bodies. We walked across the bridge talking on useless topics. Laughing, commenting on the posters hung across the buildings, sweating, dehydrating due to the heat. The sun poured on this side of the earth. The conversation was more about the nonsensical topics rather than that of flirting and romance, like most of the couples do. The person besides me was the one who made her presence in my life without even making me aware of it. It was a sudden turnover which created a strong bond between the both of us. It was just a handful of meetings when we both were together, alone, still maintaining a distance.  We kept walking till we found a place to rest ourselves on. Tired and exhausted, sitting on the concrete stretch of diversion cornering the two footpaths. The huge peepal tree, providing its shade and the continuous flow of the cold breeze in this warm afternoon. The sound of vehicles and the loudness…

The Refuge

Echos of the footsteps, falling on my ears. So silent, so numb was the corridor, with me alone. Darkness so black such no light could enter, breathing heavy, blind sighted, I kept moving in search of that unlocked door.
In the corner I saw a streak of light, unfolding the black with its mighty white. It was a door which was made of gold, bright and sparkling, engraved with the finest carvings. Studded with jewels and diamonds, giving off a shimmering reflection. Possessing richness, royalty, pride and prestige, it stood high, strong in its stance, latched with platinum, locked with arrogance.
I thought knocking on it, but failed. Feeling the uneasiness to bear the richness the pain behind it. I moved my hands on the shimmering gold, the precious jewels. They all together were pulling me towards them. I was the iron, they the magnet.
Moving a step behind, I kept praising the beauty, so far, yet so beautiful. Turning around, I decided to blindfold myself, in the pitch blackness. Ignoring t…


While lying on your bed, pillow below your head, in the cozy pajamas, the tangled hairs. Tired all day long. Still in an attempt to stay the whole night to talk. You rest those sharply curved eyes, unexpectedly. Leaving this conversation undone. Incomplete are those words, those lines, the thread of those messages we share. Without the blink of your reply on the screen.
I lye here, waiting, wandering, and hoping you may be awake. Then realizing that, you've already gone in the calmness of total darkness.
Trying not to concern the notion of reality, I make an effort to close my eyes, and leave the world behind.
A slide show of images start running through my mind, linking the previous image with the unlinked other.
Then appears a face, faded. Making it's presence far away from my vision, narrowed and keenly focused. Slowly gaining sharpness. I start smiling knowing the fact that the face needs no introduction to make it's identity.
First I look in those eyes, so sharp in its str…

The Seasons

Shall I compare you, to the seasons I know. Starting with the freezing winter, the dead autumn, bright summer and the lucid monsoon.
Just when the winds strikes my bare body, their is a sudden shiver, in my veins. I know the winter has arrived. I then start to rub my hands, in a attempt to gain the warmth again, to rejuvenate the life again. Everything now, in the Winter, seems to be so blissful, so nurtured. Finding beauty in everything my eyes come parallel of. The mountains, which are difficult to reach, now covered with a peaceful snow. Watching them from a distance, also makes these eyes go numb. Praising the beauty. So wonderful. So peaceful.
Then comes the Autumn. Symbol of death. Where the life is being introduce to the most cruel notion of reality. "End". But I find something interesting even in this season. The roads, covered with the parched leaves, making it colorize than ever in the annum. A hope, of rebirth, replenishment, a new beginning. It possess all.
It is th…


The clock, ticking each second. Making its hands move in a circular motion. Then came a time when both the sticks pointed the northern direction, and she heard a knock. She was surprised, "knock on the door, at this time?" Almost midnight. Covering herself with a shirt, she made her way to the entrance of her flat. Getting hold of the knob, she paused. Thinking about the person behind the wooden piece.
"Who is it?" She questioned.
"Who do you want me to be?" Said the person in a clichè tone.
The sound echoed from the walls, pacing her breathing. She recognized it without a blink of a second.
She unlocked the door. Moving behind some steps without opening it. Folding her arms behind, staring at the rectangular material.
Then their was a gentle push on the door from the other side. Tearing the silence of this night, due to the rusty door-frame. He peeped through the half open door, finding the objective he was there for, standing in a pale green, untidy room.