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Thee drive me crazy, thee drive me mad, Thy looks so intense, which makes me sad. No matter, I do smile at you, Coz you so fresh as the morning dew. What are we? Was a question from me, But you the one who always flee. Thy hair so dark, so dark so black, Right in the middle, of my heart they smack. Eyes like crafted so sharp so nice, Curve of thy lips which is so precise. What more could ail I, in my life? Like thee stabbing my soul with a knife. I’ll be standing at the gate of thy heart, With in hands, a fresh sweet tart. Don’t make me stand their, till the autumns end, Or else I have to make some minor amend. Not only thee, even I have a choice, I have a life which resembles rejoice. It’s not a decision to make in a hurry, But once you make it, you barely have to worry. Coz, Thee driving me crazy, thee driving me mad…

"Paridhi" you will always be among the few people who inspire me to write. 

"Lighting up the Olympus"

Greek mythology always inspires me. Here stands a demigod who possess the power of the mighty Zeus "The father of Gods and men" lightning up Mount Olympus with his fatal strike of lightning. No Photoshop used here, this is pure photography. Most of them call it "Low Shutter" if I'm not wrong. Credits to this sparkling image is definitely taken away by Nikhil Chivte for his flabbergasting photography and Raj Bondse for his crisp strokes of lighting  God I had to stand so still for this one