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Understanding It Is More Important Than Solving It !!!

From Many years the thing called RELATIONSHIPS is getting a way too complicated due the misunderstandings between the couple. And in the last few years it is growing like a cancer ( You can treat it but cant stop it ) I'v being single through my whole life so I couldn't understand the problems the couples faces (the list is never ending) But the major problem lies between "Understanding each others needs" due to which most of the couples end breaking up. I'v observed it many times that a women thinks in opposite direction than what a men thinks, both are different in nature. Men are "Calm" where on the other hand Women are "Expressive".
Men, a so called Supreme animal on planet earth is so much sensitive in nature. But he don't like to share his feelings with the opposite sex. Rather he would be sharing it with himself in a locked room which makes him or gives him more stability to regain his consciousness. While in a relationship he alwa…