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Like the petals of ROSE, fallen on the desk, you've imprinted your soul on my tiny chest. Bright & dark, as the colors of death; shapes and sizes, all arrogance they posses. Parched & light, due to lack of moisture, even though costing as precious as an oyster. Shall I compare you to this fallen ROSE; feeble and cold, anxious at your own immense world. The color soRED which narrate your moods; so lively, so happy, so much lost in the woods. Ferocious, villainous you are at your stem, but spreading the gaunt fragrance as a transparent gem. All I wish is, to have YOU for infinity, just this thought takes me in serenity. The truth I know, that one day YOU'll fade, but I promise to keep you alive in this writing trade. Till the end, let me praise YOUR beauty, so is my job, so I call my duty. Like the petals of ROSE fallen on the desk, You've imprinted your soul making this tiny piece, a vivacious chest...

The Confession

I want to confess! The things I've kept hidden, from YOU, though its late, though its waste. It was your first glimpse which made my eyes search for you, in the silence of the classroom, in the restless quad, in the aromatic canteen, on your way back home. Those few moments we share together, making Me think of you more than ever. I now confess all the things I've kept hidden this far, hidden from you, from the world so vast. Just your smile makes my soul go crazy, every time you talk with me, the time goes lazy. Lost in the laziness of the time, I lye here wondering, "When will my subconscious heart express its conscious feelings, such is the theme of the dreams I'm weaving." Collecting the courage was all I did this far, even though not subtle enough to stack up the words in this final hour. Some how I managed to create this piece, unable to elaborate till its finest keys. This is the confession I make, in front of YOU, "That I have a crush on you!"

Some things left unsaid

It was your immaculate voice which made me feel your presence around me. In blink of a second I was parellel to one of the most exquisite pair of eyes, I've seen hiding behind a pair of metalic black framed glasses. They were loud, vivacaious, anxious, trying to cry aloud; talking more than herself. Face so blank, so pale, but dazzling at the same time. Hair so messed up, parched, but glowing in the light bouncing from the wall. So lively, so colossal, so freezing was her presence. Both of this bodies knew each other, but refused to wave across. So distitute was our relationship, tied under a link of conversation on the messenger. Though it was a vulgar act we both followed, but it was a jubilant thing to experience, keeping our identities hidden to the teasing society. So solemn, so tiny, so mysterious was this relationship.