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The Connection

Foreseeing I was all alone in the college canteen, trying to break my own record of 218 in the game 'Flappy Bird'. People passing by were giving me odd looks, as it was considered to be one of the most irritating games of all time. I just reached a decent 100 when the screen switched to an incoming call notifier. Sliding my thumb across the screen I answered the call, pressing the earpiece in I tried to listen to the voice on the other end. “Hello.” The voice called out.  “Hello.” “Hello..? Hello? Can't hear you... Hello?” *Network issues* “Hello... Okay now? Can you?” I said standing up.  “Yes!” The person replied, “Where are you?” “Canteen.”         The line went dead, navigating me back to the game window, where the bird stood frozen in mid air waiting for a tap on the screen. I did without any further delay, but the bird crashed on the bright green colored pipe. *Game Over*        “Enough!” I said to myself making an exit from the game, opening the media player. I was halfway …