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The Connection

ConfessionWe were all staring at the laptop's screen, watching Aumkar and Nikhil sorting out the engagement pictures they'd captured a week ago, as they were assigned to it. We occupied the second last table towards the junior college in the deserted canteen. It was one of many other jobless evenings spent in the college premises. No sooner I stretched myself from the end of my spine to give a clumsy yawn, than my eyes noticed someone at the other end of this narrow roofed space. Hiding myself, going low on the seat and engaging in useless activity on my mobile phone, I tried ignoring. Very tactfully, I caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye.
Just after some gaunt giggles and low pitched humming falling on my ears, I found Sayali storming away from Aanchal, hiding an obvious blush on her face, moving rapidly and unstably towards the junior college. A few steps and she was about to pass by us, when our eyes met.
"Hey!" She waved, pasting a nervous smile on her face.

The Unusual ones

Those guys. Normal, simple, the usual ones. They aren't in love! Nor in a relationship! So what do they exactly share? What is it that keeps them both attached to each other without being so keen about their feelings? Okay lets analyse the situation. The beginning. They met. Got introduced. Now were friends. Thats it. What else? Sharing thread's of messages on Facebook? Or just the increase in the conversation due to the exchange of cellphone numbers? When was the time they were struck with the lightning of caressing? Now at present. They talk. Fight on useless topics. Going topic less sometimes. Then again digging for something new. Flirting! Yes! Flirting. Its common, isn't it? Well you know it is when you're up to it intentionally. Why does one flirt? To make the person at the other screen smile just for a second? Maybe it is all worth it, when you get a text back with a blushing smiley. You know the person is blushing himself, smiling without a reason. Now that'…

The Connection

The flash back I was constantly staring at the ceiling fan, moving in a circular motion, yet not able to provide me with any supply of air, due to its speed. Though the temperature in Alibaug falls down by the night, the mosquitoes don't. Vishal was lying beside me, engaging himself in the same act, that of mine. *Lying still and straight. Hands folded behind head, using it as a double for the pillow. Eyes focused straight on the machine hanging on the ceiling. Empty mind.* No sooner my cell phone beeped, I jumped across Vishal, landing on the marble flooring; cracking some spilled chips and kicking the cold drinks bottles which were already gulped down by us. Reaching the window where laid my mobile. The only place, in the entire room where it got hold of some network provided by the service provider, who claimed of reaching the most orthodox corners of India. “Who is it?” questioned Vishal. “The same person who was minutes ago.” I said reading the message. “Continue!” I replied to the…