Slowly the sun sets out of the metal frame. The nature darkens while the building burns in the explosion of sparkling lights. Chirpings of the evening birds is now faded out. I woke up rubbing my eyes, looking out of the sliding glass. “Did you sleep well?” she asks over my shoulder. “Yes.” I say turning around. Still in the hangover from the last sip of alcohol, I brush my hair with a gentle blow of my fingers letting out a deep breath. “Have a bath, you’ll feel good.” She says directing me towards the washroom.

               Standing naked below the shower, feeling each strike of the cold water on my head, I kept my eyes closed trying to recall the afternoon. There was a blurry image. Though it was shaken, it was sharply focused in my subconscious. Two bodies lying beside each other.

                The room was lighted with its incandescent light. Artificial breeze was being spread by the rotating blades. I was lying in her lap. Eyes closed. “How are you feeling now?” she asked looking down. I contracted my lungs. “How many times did I kiss you?” I said looking at the motion of the blades. “Ooh” turning my gaze to her. She’s blushing, she’s pink.

               “Lying in her lap, he watched her talking endlessly. Unable to resist he pulled her down, placing a kiss on her cheeks. She expected it to be the lips. Grinning, pulling her again, he completed her wish.”

               That felt so… umm… soft. Well, it was our first. Okay, again.

               Another bottle of alcohol was gulped down to its bottom. My veins were now running on the fuzziness of that fermented drink. The clock ticked at midnight. My vision was again going blurry. The room was now lit in the gaunt ambiance spread by the bulb in the corner of the room. I found her besides me. Her pale skin glowing in the dusty light. Lower lip clenched between her teeth. Those blink in her eyes. Those eyelashes. That blush, that love, that greed. I was drowning in that beauty she possessed. Placing my hand below her jaw, I kept caressing her cheeks. I want to kiss them again. “You’re beautiful!” Her parted lips meet mine. Slowly they caught rhythm. Exploring each other. I pull her by her waist, opening my eyes I whisper, “Your lips. They’re so soft… juicy.” I hear giggles. “I love them.” I blow a small kiss. “Only them?” She’s teasing me now. “They drive me crazy, so does your smile.” *sighs* “Okay. You love only this.” She says placing a finger on her lips, “Not me.”

               “Of course the whole of you. Everything about you drives me to a level of insanity… Everything you possess is the reason for this madness.” I say out loud, “I mean look at you, rather look at me. I have totally soaked myself into you. You are the one for me… I mean… just too cute… just beautiful… mesmerizing. Your eyes, sharper than any blade. Smile, addictive even more than a drug. Your body. You. Everything. I love the whole of you.” She was red, flaming red. Blushing she said, “I love the whole of you.”

               I pulled her closer. Again the all of that. I guess a little more than that.

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